Steering Committee


The Steering Committee is a diverse, representative body of members who facilitate strategic planning discussions and orchestrate event-specific planning. 


The Committee is composed of up to seven voting physician members. The Immediate Past Chair will continue to serve on the Steering Committee for one year as a non-voting member.Committee members are elected by the membership and serve for three-year staggered terms. Committee membership is voluntary. If more than seven members volunteer, committee composition will be determined by secret ballot at the workshops. Absentee nominations may be submitted at least one day advance of the vote. The Committee will be led by a Chair and Vice Chair to be elected by the Steering Committee membership. The roles of the Chair and Vice Chair will be delineated by the Steering Committee. Terms of office will be one year. The term of the Vice Chair will immediately succeed the Chair. The Committee may also appoint additional officers to serve in a leadership capacity as the need arises.

Decision making: The Steering Committee is tasked with providing strategic direction for the network. When appropriate it will present proposals to the entire network membership for approval and adoption.

2019 Steering Committee:

Chair: Ann Zerr (Indiana)

Members: Jim Bush (Wyoming), Carlos Latorre (Mississippi), Jill Morrow-Gorton (Massachusetts), Arvind Goyal (Illinois), Curtis Toma (Hawaii), Charissa Fotinos (Washington), David Kelley (Pennsylvania)